Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here We Go!

Venturing into the blog world at last! I have to say that this has been a long process for me. Not because it had to be, but because I made it that way (unintentionally of course). Up to this point I have been an avid blog reader, marvelling at the talent of the bloggers and the content they put up hoping that one day I would find the energy and courage to try it. I am not by nature a technical person by any stretch of the imagination! Managing to maintain my ecommerce website was a HUGE learning process for me and still is so I was a little hesitant to add yet another mind boggling activity to the mix.

I started out okay choosing a blog program, and with the help of a tutorial on the web I found a host and started to "build" it. Now for those savvy computer folk out there it might have been a cake walk, but for me personally I quickly got overwhelmed with the gadgets and graphics etc. etc. and that is where it stopped!

I thought about the blog I had started and neglected feeling guilty about not following through, rationalizing to myself that I will do it when I get concentrated time to really figure things out and do it well. Thoughts of branding and sexy graphics and applications swirled in my brain! In short I got bogged down in detail and lost the purpose of the blog,which is to put up content and connect with others.

So this morning I made a decision, to keep it simple and just jump in and do it. Never mind how it looks today, it will surely evolve just as everthing else I have chosen to pursue has. I am looking forward to connecting to others and to enjoy the purpose behind this blog and that is to hear from you on the joys, heartaches, ups, downs, quips, quotes and musings about life, pregancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting. So glad to have you here! Please join in!

Peace Out,



  1. Congratulations, Tracey! Welcome to blog land! I just took the plunge myself and I really love it. Enjoy the ride!

    Ilana from AppleCheeks™

  2. Oh Ilana, I did see it mentioned in the email Applecheeks sent recently! Congratulations! I am very excited about it actually now that I have overcome the analysis paralysis! Looking forward to connecting with you!!

  3. Love your store and I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Congrats Tracey! It took me a while to get rolling too... I think that is totally normal!

  5. Kathleen thank you for loving my store, that is my hope. Do mind telling me what it is about Birth Source Inc. you like best.

  6. The thing I like best about your store is how inviting it is to moms & babies. Whenever I stop in the girls & I are always greeted with a warm welcome. I may have stopped in to see what's new or to quickly pick up something but always leave with a new piece of knowledge either about a great product or just about general baby/child care. You love children & moms and that is evident in the products you carry and the support/service you provide. I don't get the same warm & fuzzy feeling from some of the other stores in Edmonton & area that carry the same products. That is why I always choose your store first.

  7. Kathleen I am so grateful for your honest feedback! Thank you very much for sharing it with me. I am just thrilled that's how you feel at Birth Source as this is my hope for every Mother and family we meet.