Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gisele Bundchen ~ Let Her Have Her "Painless" Birth

There is a buzz about super model Gisele Bundchen describing her birth as "painless". As one would expect there are mixed reactions to her declaration. I didn't give it much thought until today, when I heard a host from a showbiz news program question her on it. To paraphrase " As someone who has given birth naturally myself, without an epidural come on Gisele, painless?"

This was the turning point for me in forming an opinion on this story. How, where, with whom and all the other choices women make about their births are questioned and judged so much! If Gisele says it was painless, then it was painless. Why would she say so if it was exruciating?

Allow Gisele her experience and be thankful that she describes this moment in her life so positively, that is what is most important here, how Gisele feels about it. Obviously painless birth is possible because "she" has had one, let her have it!

Did you have a painless birth? It is okay if you did, I believe you.

Peace Out!


  1. I delivered both my girls naturally. I chose not to have an epidural but kept an open mind in regards to pain relief and intervention in case something didn't go the way it needed to. I was also "lucky" to have fairly quick labours & deliveries. I don't actually remember too much about how the first delivery felt (if I did maybe I wouldn't have had a second baby). I definitley remeber shouting out "it hurts" while pushing during my second daughter's birth but I would never describe it as painful. So yes, I also believe Gisele when she says she had a painless birth. Having my babies didn't cause me any pain. It wasn't comfortable but the outcome was so amazing how could it cause me any pain. Maybe Gisele had some damn good focusing techniques and the right people in the room with her to help her along. Good support & positive energy go a long way.

  2. Kathleen I am glad you can recall you births so positively. A woman's birth experience shapes her life so much more that we know. I wouldn't describe my births as painful either. Challenging in the power of it all but not overly painful.