Sunday, September 26, 2010

If These Walls Could Talk

I forgot I had a blog!! Well I didn't "really" forget but it feels like that since I haven't posted a thing in four months! The blog gurus would shake their heads for sure at my lack of frequency and content.

Anyway...I have been extremely busy since the beginning of May with the Birth Source Inc. store expansion and quite frankly didn't have the energy to blog about it at the time. Besides, it would have been far too negative, full of expletives and really just a complete downer to anyone reading it. I knew it would be work, that goes without saying, but no one could have prepared me for the stress that would come along with moving into phase two of my dream of Birth Source Inc. as a true community resource.

To make a long story short, I was mired in paperwork, red tape, last minute fires to put out at every turn, scrambling to find a new contractor on short notice and an electrician to replace the one who bailed on me just over a week before open! Thank goodness for my family and their dedication to getting the store ready to open as close to the target date as we could. My husband, children and of course my father who worked so hard and whom I can never thank enough! I have several others to thank for their help and promise them all I will pay it forward!

If the walls at Birth Source Inc. could talk they would tell you that I cried the first week I spent there, missing my old Birth Source Inc. and the security of my little store. Sitting among the boxes, not knowing where anything was or should go when found it. Looking at the unfinished workshop space with the wires hanging out of the ceiling and no store sign up to tell people we had arrived. Wondering if my decision was a good one, if I could handle the extra responsibility of the bigger location and it's future, accepting the financial responsibility it would pose on me and my family.

If the walls could talk they would also tell you how many wonderful people from the Gold Bar community stopped in during construction to enquire "what is going in here?" and being delighted to hear it would be a "baby store". Those same neighbors later stopped by and welcomed us to the area with open arms.

The walls of Birth Source Inc. would say how lucky I feel that the wonderful customers and children I missed so much during the move have come back, with love and support and humbling loyalty. They missed us too.

Birth Source Inc. is slowly moving toward the "Gathering Place" it was always meant to be. Collaboration and input from many others who understand and embrace the vision of offering women and families a comfort zone during the exciting, scary and often emotional ups and downs of parenthood. A place to come for friendship, learning and sharing.

Perhaps the most comforting thought is knowing I am no longer on my own. I am gathering a wonderful group of friends to share this with and work along side me to make the vision of Birth Source Inc. as true as it can be. As I jump over each hurdle my confidence and satisfaction with how much I am learning grows and just over two weeks later the walls of Birth Source Inc. are now seeing me smile more everyday.

Peace Out,



  1. Tracey! Your courage to do what few dare to brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing with so many, and daring to live your dream.

  2. what a great post Tracey, I love your story. You sound like a great inspiration to everyone in your community, and beyond. I hope we get to meet in person one day.

  3. Thx Alliebee and Maxwell Designs!