Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Father's Day is on the horizon and like every year my thoughts get pulled toward how much my Dad means to me and how I can honour him on his special day. Like many Father's he is happy with whatever I do for him, which is typically find a practical gift to give him and make him a nice dinner. This year is different for me when it comes to thinking about my Dad though. I suppose it's partly because I am now an adult, with years of parenting behind me and many life experiences under my belt and maybe it's also because he is always in my life which is comfortable, predictable, and reliable.

My Dad taught me everything, how to ride my bike, to swim, play sports, to read a map,and to drive among other things. I get my work ethic from him as well as my loyalty. Once my Dad is your friend he's your friend for life. He doesn't have a large circle of friends but they are extremely important to him. People often say I am one of the hardest working people they know, well that's because of my Dad. If someone needs a hand he is there to help, until the job is done. He helps out at the store whenever I need it and often that includes holding babies too. He is there for my children after school when they need him and shuffles them to lessons, activities and various outings.

What I appreciate most about my Dad is that I feel unconditionally loved and protected by him til this day. He has never let me down my whole life. He would defend me and support me to the end no matter what. Now that isn't to say that he agrees with everything I choose in life, gosh no, but he supports me. He even paid for one of my home births, and accepts the fact that I like tattoos.

So my gift to my Dad this year is to Thank him. Thank him for being my most arduous supporter, my protector and my example for hard work, loyalty, honesty and trust. I will thank him by continuing to work toward continued success in my work, because he is so proud of
Birth Source Inc., being a good Mother because he taught me how children deserve to be parented, to be hard working and loyal to those I care about because those are skills he has taught me and are important to him. As a parent I understand the desire to make sure my children grow up well and are good people as adults. I am happy to give my Dad this gift and to make him proud of the person he helped shape and create.

My parents divorced when I was young and at the age of 14 I decided to leave my Mom's home to come live with my Dad. That was 29 years ago and when I stepped off that Grey Hound bus with just my suitcase and a cigarette dangling out of my mouth I am sure he had no idea what he was in for. Well it ended up with some bumps in the road now and again, differences and conflicts, but our relationship has stayed the course, evolved and is solid. I love my Dad with all of my heart and think he is the greatest Dad for me!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all the other great Dads both here and in memory for your hard work, acceptance, support and unconditional love.

Peace Out,



  1. Your dad is a dear, and he is obviously so proud of you. This is such a sweet post, Tracey.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes... thanks for sharing Tracey!

  3. Wendy ♥ to you. I will be thinking about you and your Dad this Father's Day my friend.